12 Fiber Optic Terminal Box / Digital Video Terminals

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  • 1. AlphaAmbient temperature: -25 - +40 Degrees Celsius
    2. Relative Humidity: Less than or equal to 85% (+30 Degrees Celsius)
    3. Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa - 106kPa
    4. Insulation resistance: cable terminal and metal components and fiber optic cable metal to strengthen the core, the fiber optic cable between the metal components, fiber metal structures and between the insulation resistance should be greater than 2 x 104Milliohm
    5. Dielectric strength: between cable terminals and metal components and fiber metal reinforced core fiber optic cable between the metal components, fiber optic cable between the metal components and ground 15kV DC voltage, 1min without breakdown, arcing phenomena

    Product Features:
    1. can be used for the two-cable with fiber optic cable to strengthen the core holder, and fixed fiber optic cable jacket, Block has a protective earthing.
    2. the set of fiber optic cable, connecting pigtail, pigtails, jumpers, asylum and other functions as one.
    3. line redundancy long with a capacity plate asylum protection.
    4. disk fiber plate for layering, you can easily increase or decrease in construction, operation convenience.
    5. disk fiber plate were given to mark, easy to identify.
    6. fiber pigtail, patch cord, import and export rubber protective sleeve to control the radius of curvature in the 3.75CM above.
    7. the terminal box by screws, can be easily fixed on the wall or the user that the right place
    8. Widely used in city, agricultural, then the network system, data, image transmission systems, CATV cable television series, for indoor fiber optic cable through access and branch continuation, played the role of the the pigtail disk storage and protection of joints, the use of cold-rolled steelelectrostatic spray made a??a??reasonable structure, beautiful big before the fiber optic cable to strengthen the core in the terminal