192KHz DAC Converter HD HIFI Optical to RCA+3.5mm Headphone 5.1 Channel Digital Audio Converter with Volume Control

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  • 1.Build-in high performance RTOS operating system and audio decoder chip, support DTS/AC-3
    2.Super fast start time about 3 seconds
    3.Input: SPDIF Optical, Coaxial
    4.Output: L-OUT-R, 3.5mm headphone port
    5.Auto switch between optical and coaxial channel input
    6.Auto decode AC-3/DTS(LPCM/PCM/RAW) input signal without any action
    7.High compatibility: support network player, HDTV, Blu-ray DVD, DVD, PS3, XBOX 360, DM500S, DM800HD, etc.
    8.Small size and metal case, anti-interference
    9.Adopt RCA/3.5mm headphone port output, convenient and efficient in use
    10.Supports volume adjustment

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