2.4 GHz 800~1600 DPI Wireless 6D Optical Mouse with USB Mini Receiver, Plug and Play, Working Distance up to 10 Meters (Red)

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  • 1) 2.4 GHz digital wireless transmission to provide furthest reach 10 meters from the operation.

    2) 16 automatically switch the work of up to 60.000 channels and the security group of all put an end to foreign interference coding.

    3) Nano very fine receiver, Plug forgotten, without connecting to the code of intelligent technology.

    4) Mouse built-in memory, the replacement of the batteries do not have to re-code.

    5) 800/1600 dpi can adjust the speed of cursor

    6) Power switch

    7) Paragraph 4 of the design, 2 AAA alkaline batteries provide up to three months of battery life

    8) Low-voltage alarm function.

    9) Size: 11*6*3.5cm