2 PCS Computer Fan PWM Hub Computer Chassis Fan Hub(A Drag Four)

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  • 1. Size: 5cm long and 1.8cm wide
    2. Wire length: 40cm nylon net
    3. Number of expansions: 4/5
    4. Wire model: 1007 22AWG
    5. Insulation material: PVC insulation
    6. Conductor specification: 17x0.12TS
    7. Conductor material: tinned copper
    8. Wire outer diameter: OD1.4mmx4
    9. Rated temperature: 80 degrees Celsius
    10. Product weight: 17 grams
    11. Product interface: 4Pin interface of computer motherboard
    12. Product function: Five/four computer fans share one 4Pin interface
    13. Packing method: pearl film bag
    14. Extend the 4-pin to 3-pin/4-pin interface of the fan to solve the problem of insufficient interface on the main board and centralize the processing of fan cables.
    15. The pwm interface connects to the motherboard CPU fan interface, the first CPU fan dedicated interface. The FAN1/FAN2/FAN3 interface is a pwm conventional fan interface.