2x4 USB Switch 2 Port PCs Sharing 4 Devices for Printer Keyboard Mouse Monitor

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  • Function Description
    1. A set of mouse and keyboard controls two devices
    Two computers can share electronic devices such as printer/keyboard/mouse/U disk, without the need to repeatedly insert and remove between two devices, freely switch office and improve work efficiency.

    2. Two computers share a printer
    It is possible to realize the sharing of printers between two computer mainframes without plugging and unplugging the printer line, saving office costs.

    3. Copying files is easier
    ? U disk / alliance copy files do not need to be plugged and unplugged, easy - very switch to transfer transmission to reduce the life of the U disk / hard port, improve storage utilization

    4. Backup computer interface
    ? Standard USB backup power interface, which can be used to connect mobile hard disk power supply, and support power supply for mobile phones and other devices.

    5. Plug and play, free drive, free installation
    ? No need to drive or install to achieve energy, convenient, efficient

    6. Compatible with more operating systems
    Pure hardware design, no need to install drivers, no need to set up, ready to use compatible operating system such as WIN7/8/10/VIST /Linux/Apple Mac

    7. Power failure memory function
    ?? Built-in high-efficiency switching chip, power-free drive, fast switching chip with power-off function, automatically remember the last port after the host

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