5 in 1 Type-C To HDMI + VGA + USB 3.0 + Audio Port + PD Port HUB Adapter(Grey)

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  • 5IN1 Multiport Adapter
    1xHDMI V1.4 Port Female,Support Max Resolution to 3840x2160 UHD 4K@30Hz
    1xVGA 15pin Port Female,Suport Max Resolution to 1920x1200 FHD @60Hz
    1xUSB3.0 Port Female,Data transmisions Max Reach to 5Gbps.Supporting Data Transmitting Simultaneously and Max 900mA Power
    1xAudio3.5mm,supporting connct audio cable to external speakers.
    1xUSB-C PD Port,Supporting charging your laptop while you are using your connecting device via a Charger.
    Type-C Compatibility List (No Complete List)
    For 2017 Macbook Pro
    For 2016 MacBook Pro(With Touch Bar)
    For 2015 MacBook 12"
    For ChromeBook Pixel
    For Dell XPS 13-9350-R1609 13.3", XPS 15
    For Acer V15 Nitro
    For ASUS GA-Z170X
    For Samsung Notebook 9 900X5L-K01
    For HuaWei MateBook
    For hp SpecterX2
    For Cube i7 book
    For ASUS Zenbook 3
    For lenovo miix510
    For Acer V17 Nitro
    For Xiaomi Air 12
    For Samsung S8
    For Samsung Note 8
    For HuaWei P20
    For HuaWei Mate 10
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