8 in 1 USB-C / Type-C to 4K HDMI,1000M LAN VGA USB3.02 SD/TF RJ45 PD Adapter

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  • Resolving power】Used the premium chipset solution of the HDMI output supports resolution of max 3840*2160P/30HZ.
    【Multi application】 Widely used in MacBook, ChromeBook and Matebook etc. with USB-C interface, external display equipment with HDMI/VGA interface, TV set and projector etc.
    【Support multifunction】Supports USB3.1 interface double sided insertion, be compatible and PnP with Android, Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows without driver.
    【Transmission】Supports 1000Mbps Ethernet LAN, 2 USB3.0 outputs, SD/TF 480Mbps transmission and USB-C Power Delivery(PD) female charging up to max 20V@3A.
    【Strong wear resistance】Bold Tinned copper core, aluminium alloy and quality PVC shield, easy bending and abrasion resistance, strong EMI suppression,good signal transmission.

    Product description

    USB-C/Type-C to HDMI + LAN + VGA + SD/TF+ RJ45+ PD + USB3.0 Adapter.
    Support resolution: HDMI 3840*2160/30HZ, downward compatible resolution.
    USB3.0 supports 5G data transmission.
    SD supports maximum 480Mbps transmission
    TF supports maximum 480Mbps transmission.
    RJ45 supports 1000M and the following network transmission.
    VGA supports 1080P.
    PD supports upside charging.
    Support HDCP2.2.
    Support hot plugged;
    Support TYPE C input HDMI video output,HD display, LCD TV and Projector etc.
    Supports positive and negative plug, audio and video synchronization, ultra-high-definition 4K quality, 1000Mbps Ethernet LAN.
    SD/TF card + PD quick charging + USB3.0 HUB multi-function to make your notebook or laptop more convenient.
    High quality and reasonable price, upmarket and grand and high grade, is your preferred.
    Support TYPE C input HDMI video output.
    Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.
    Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

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