AM-KM201 4K Ultra HD Metal Case 2 In 1 Out HDMI KVM Switch

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  • 1. This is a product that is switched from 2 hosts to one monitor or TV (2 PCs share a monitor, share a set of mouse, plug and play without driving!
    2. It allows users to experience the operation of two different hosts, you can use one host for office work, another for stock trading or watching TV, etc.
    3. Easily switch, if the TV is 4K, it can support 4K 30hz output.
    4. Better pairing and more perfect experience.
    5. Metal shell, HDMI interface + USB interface
    6. Switching mode: key switch, keyboard switch
    7. Product size: 100x64x19mm weight: 150g
    8. Color box size: 215x150x55mm weight: 350g
    9. Packing list: machine x1, manual x1, USB printing line x2
    10. Note: mechanical keyboard and mouse are not supported

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