ASUS Gladius II G II Pink Version USB Wired RGB Illuminated 12000DPI Optical Gaming Mouse with Detachable Cable

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  • 1. 12000 DPI optical sensor, the normal working speed is up to 250 IPS.
    2. A variety of RGB lighting effects, playing games is more enjoyable.
    3. The button can be easily changed by jogging.
    4. Ergonomic mouse, more suitable for the palm of the hand, to ensure the gaming experience and mouse comfort.

    1. Transmission method: cable.
    2. Function: Macro programming, 12000DPI, RGB breathing effect.
    3. Size: 12.6x6.7x4.5cm.
    4. Weight: 110g (without cable).

    Packaging accessories:
    2 m braided USB cable x 1
    1 meter rubber USB cable x 1
    Portable storage bag x 1
    ROG logo sticker x 1
    Original Omron fretting x 2