ASUS Strix Flare RGB Backlight Wired Mechanical Blue Switch Gaming Keyboard with Detachable Wrist Rest

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  • 1. Mechanical blue shaft switch that provides a satisfactory mechanical feel through optimal drive.
    2. The dedicated media button and volume wheel are located on the left for instant in-game audio control.
    3. Independent backlight button and Aura Sync RGB synchronization technology for custom lighting effects.
    4. USB pass-through makes it easy to connect to other devices.
    5. With detachable wrist rest.
    6. Use the enhanced Armory II software to adjust the settings and store the configuration file in the onboard memory of the keyboard.

    1. Size: 454x155x31mm.
    2. Weight: 1256g (with cable).
    3. Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 7.

    One Package Weight 1.33kgs / 2.93lb
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