AULA F2088 108 Keys Mixed Light Plating Punk Mechanical Brown Switch Wired USB Gaming Keyboard with Metal Button (Silver)

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  • 1. 108-key macro programming can be customized to make the game more enjoyable and more powerful.
    2. Adopt anti-ghost full-key no-rush design, press at the same time, and respond to trigger, reject key conflicts.
    3. Configure the multimedia control button area with multimedia buttons and multi-function alloy knobs. 22 kinds of cool lighting effects, with the knob to adjust the brightness, the light can be customized settings.
    5. Adopt mechanical brown switch design, strong paragraph feeling, loud sound and strong mechanical sense.
    6. Metal matte panel for smooth, comfortable touch and improved keyboard experience.
    7. The back of the keyboard is equipped with non-slip mats, with a large magnetic hand rest. The surface is durable and comfortable. The mating area is large, double anti-slip, stable, and the typing keyboard does not slide.

    1. Number of buttons: 108 keys.
    2. Transmission method: wired USB.
    4. Button stroke: 4.0mm.
    5. Button strength: 50-70g.
    6. Number of button life: about 50 million times.
    7. Rated voltage / current: DC 5V / 250mA.
    8. Keyboard size: approx. 435x125x39mm.
    9. Hand rest size: approx. 435x68x15mm.
    10. System requirements: Vista/Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac.

    Packing list:
    Wired mechanical keyboard x 1
    Hand rest x 1
    Instruction manual x 1

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