AULA SI-2039 Raiders Series Mixed Light Backlit Light Axis USB Wired Gaming Keyboard(Black)

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  • 1. Plug and play, no driver needed.
    2. Sensitive key response with excellent hand feeling.
    3. Combine with FN key to create some shortcut function keys, and with backlight function.
    4. Key number: 104, key route: 4.0mm.
    5. Advanced two-color secondary injection character process, it will never rub off.
    6. Light axis design, 50 million keystrokes life cycle for ultimate durability and reliability.
    7. With intelligent sleep mode: When the host is in the sleep or standby state, backlight function is turned off, the host starts then restore the previous mode.
    8. Operation platform: WIN 2000/WIN XP/WIN VISTA/WIN7/WIN 8/WIN10/MAC OS.