Battery Version Wireless Mouse Vertical 2.4GHz Optical Mouse (Black)

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  • 1. Vertical streamlined design, combined with ergonomics, naturally fits the palm of the hand, reducing the discomfort of long-term use of the mouse.
    2. The forward and back buttons below the left thumb of the mouse speed up navigation and help you navigate easily.
    3.800-1200-1600 DPI Free adjustment, one button to meet your different needs.
    4. Applicable battery: 2 7th batteries (not included), 6 months long standby, avoid frequent battery replacement problems.
    5. The appearance of the mouse is made of matte material, and the grip is comfortable.
    6. The bottom anti-slip design makes it easier to use.

    1. Corresponding interface: USB interface.
    2. Transmission distance: 10m.
    3. Size: 123 x 65 x 82mm.
    4. Number of buttons: 5.