bk3507 Dual USB 2.0 Male to Dual USB Female Extension Cable with Fixing Hole, Length: 50cm

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  • Features:
    1. USB female seat with fixing hole, the hole distance is 30mm, convenient for fixing.
    2. The conductor is made of 24+28AWG bare copper wire, aluminum foil attached, plus 96B aluminum-magnesium braid to reduce signal transmission attenuation.
    3. The outer part of the wire is made of black PVC, soft and tensile.
    4. Multi-layer shielding anti-interference, ensuring fast signal transmission, common to desktop and notebook.
    5. Used in digital products and computer peripherals, support hot swap, plug and play.
    6. It is very convenient for you to connect to the USB 2.0 panel on the front of the chassis using a USB 2.0 cable.
    7. Light and beautiful, easy to carry.

    Product specifications:
    1. USB 2.0 male interface: 2.
    2. USB 2.0 female interface: 2 (combined, can be screwed).
    3. Product size: 40x19mm.
    4. Net weight of the product: 60g.
    5. Material: PVC wire + pure copper conductor.
    6. Product use: It is used for extension of USB2.0 interface of computer notebook, smart TV, set-top box and other equipment.

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