Chasing Leopard K1 USB 1600DPI Three-speed Adjustable LED Backlight Mute Wired Optical Gaming Mouse, Length: 1.3m(Black)

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  • 1. Plug and play, no driver.
    2. The 3-speed DPI can be adjusted freely.
    3. The optical engine avoids the occurrence of card frames and frame droppings, and provides a strong guarantee for accurate positioning in the game.
    4. Silent mouse, does not affect the sleep of others when used.
    5. Stainless steel brushed bottom plate, big foot attached to the chassis, wear-resistant and stable.
    6. The edges and corners are distinct, the contour is strong, and the palm is designed to be comfortable.

    1. Number of buttons: 4.
    2. Ergonomics: symmetrical left and right hands.
    3. Product size: 130x67x38mm.
    4. Product interface: USB interface.
    5. System Requirements: All systems can be used.
    6. Button life: 5 million times.
    7. Resolution: 800/1200/1600 DPI.