Chasing Leopard V10 USB 6-keys 2400DPI Four-speed Adjustable Steel Mesh Backlight Wired Optical Gaming Mouse, Length: 1.45m(Jet Black)

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  • 1. 800/1200/1600/2400DPI Four-speed adjustment switch, multiple color breathing lights turn in turn, make your mouse more cool.
    2. Optical tracking engine for accurate positioning. Fast response technology for millisecond-level button response.
    3. Rubber anti-skid roller, wear-resistant, does not hurt the hand, high sensitivity, accurate click, and sharp response.
    4. The left wing is matched with the forward/backward button, which effectively increases the click button for the game player, and it is convenient and quick to check the mail and flip through the web page, and the operation is accurate.
    5. Symmetrical anti-slip geometry groove flank, designed to fit the thumb, suitable for gamers.
    6. Steel mesh decoration, painted surface treatment, stylish and beautiful.
    7. The weighting block is configured at the bottom, which is fast and accurate in operation.
    8. It is resistant to pulling strong braided wire and is not easy to break.

    1. Size: 128x70x34mm.

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