Chasing Leopard V12 USB 2400DPI Four-speed Adjustable Wired Optical Gaming Mouse with LED Breathing Light, Length: 1.45m(White)

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  • 1. 800/1200/1600/2400DPI 4-speed adjustment, multi-color breathing light can be switched freely.
    2. Optical engine, accurate positioning, fast response, and millisecond-level button response speed.
    3. The left wing is equipped with the forward button and the back button, which effectively provides the game player with multiple click buttons, and it is more convenient to view the mail and flip through the web page.
    4. With the built-in drive settings of the mouse, double-click the interval time, the pointer speed, the insertion speed and the wheel speed, and the weighting block at the bottom is fast, accurate and stable during operation.
    5. Rubber anti-skid roller, non-slip wear-resistant, does not hurt the hand, sensitive, click accurate, easy to read.
    6. Ergonomic design, suitable for Asians and right hand, easy and comfortable operation.