Dedicate USB Capacitive Mini Microphone Stand for PC Laptop Notebook Recording Wired Device

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  • Features:
    USB interface, no external power supply needed.,offers excellent sound quality with any plug-in and play enabled computer device.
    Flexible neck to adjust your convenient direction for talking.
    The effective distance of more than 2 meters, bid farewell to the traditional 3.5-pin wheat effective distance 0.5meter-1meter limitations.
    Designed to filter out background noises for crisp, clear the audio, 360 ??° omnidirectional full point, anti-noise.
    Can be used with any USB port computer (for Apple), for XP system or above free drive.
    Accessorie for voice, voice recognition and all kinds of video chat requirements.
    Suitable for: ktv, msn, qq, skype, online chat / games, web video singing / recording, usb microphone for pc ,etc.

    Use: USB Microphone
    Communication: Wired
    Cable Length: 825mm
    Colour: Black
    Voltage: 4.5V
    Sensitivity: -47dB??±4dB
    Sensitivity reduction: -3dB at 1.5V
    Frequency response: 100~16kHz
    Signal to noise ratio: More than -67dB
    Cable length: 0.7-0.9 meters
    Material: ABS

    Package include:
    1 x USB Stand Microphone