Digital Audio Optical Fiber Cable Toslink M to M, OD: 5.0mm, Length: 2m

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  • 1. Brand new and high quality
    2. This optical fiber cable connects to your DVD, VCR, CD, MINI Disc, etc.
    3. Provide you the cleanest possible signal, even at extreme volume levels.
    4. Plated connectors prevent corrosion and provide for maximum protection of the fiber tip.
    5. Precision polished fiber tip for maximum signal transfer (includes tip protectors).
    6. PVC 5.0mm jacket prevents cable from damage and adds flexibility and durability for years of listening pleasure.
    7. Moulded strain relieves reduce stress where cable and connector meet.

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    Carton Size 48cm * 38cm * 35cm / 18.9inch * 14.96inch * 13.78inch
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