EDUP EP-N8566 150Mbps 802.11N Mini Drive-free USB Network Adapter

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  • 1. 150Mps free drive wireless USB network card mini invisible, USB2.0 is widely compatible, get rid of messy network cable, computer is connected to WiFi. In traditional applications, when the desktop notebook wireless built-in network card or network card is damaged, only the network cable can be connected to the Internet, both Use is very limited. The N8566 can easily solve the above problems, let the computer receive wireless signals and enjoy WiFi.
    2. Automatic installation, built-in wireless drive, no optical drive required for the computer, no need for CD-ROM during installation, bid farewell to the cumbersome traditional wireless driver installation process
    3. 11N technology, 150Mbps wireless rate, free drive version using 11N wireless technology, wireless transmission rate up to 150Mbps. The number of transmissions within the LAN is more efficient
    4. WiFi receiving function Desktop has no built-in network card, with its avatar wireless WiFi, easy to access the Internet
    5. USB2.0 gold-plated interface, USB is gold-plated, carefully designed, the interface has been tested and adjusted many times to ensure that the network card maintains excellent communication performance after multiple plugging and unplugging.
    6. Compact and portable, it does not occupy a place. It adopts a new miniature design, small and easy to carry, does not occupy space, and the process is exquisite and delicate, beautiful and practical.
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