eekoo 8GB High Speed Class 10 SD Memory Card for All Digital Devices with SD Card Slot

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  • 1. Support full HD video recording, high fidelity restore HD video, image color, performance lasting and stable, smooth recording 1080P HD video.
    2. High-speed write speed shortens the time it takes for the memory card to store images and captures every moment.
    3. Wafer chips are stable and smooth, ensuring data security and giving you a reliable experience.
    4. High-end synchronous data technology, even if the card is damaged, the data is lost, and the data is guaranteed to be complete and the data can be restored.
    5. Continue to use after long time soaking in water.
    6. Can withstand cold and hot weather of -25-85 degrees Celsius.
    7. X-ray protection, protection data is not destroyed by the X-ray detector.
    8. It can resist magnetic field 13 times higher than that of film and television speakers.
    9. Small size, easy to carry on business trips, travel.
    10. Compatible with digital cameras, micro-single, SLR, camera, notebook, car navigation and other digital devices with SD card slot.

    1. Capacity: 8GB.
    2. Transmission rate: CLASS 10 (MB/s).
    3. The highest writing speed: 18MB/s, the highest reading speed: 70MB/s.
    4. Size: 32x24x2.1mm.

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