EMK LSYJ-A 8m OD6.0mm Gold Plated Metal Head Toslink Male to Male Digital Optical Audio Cable

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  • 1. The item is a toslink male to toslink male audio fiber cable.
    2. Toslink Digital Audio Cable provides you the cleanest possible signal, even at extreme volume levels.
    3. Optical cables transfer the signal using light, thus completely eliminating any chance for RFI, EMI or ground loop interference.
    4. Using good quality fiber core ensures high speed, high efficiency, high fidelity, and low loss of broadband transmission.
    5. OD 6.0mm PVC jacket prevents cable from damage and adds flexibility and durability for years of listening pleasure.
    6. Metal head strong and sturdy.
    7. Dust cap protects connector from contamination when not in use.
    8. This optical fiber cable connects to your DVD, CD, MINI Disc Player, TV box, projector, etc, and it provides you fully enriched and detailed sound quality.

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