HDV-2CT Mini Digital 2-way Audio Converter, Coaxial to Toslink or Toslink to Coaxial

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  • About the product
    The Digital 2-way audio converter is a Coaxial / Toslink audio converter, compact and convenient. It accepts SPDIF audio signal input through either Coaxial cable or Toslink cable,and passes the signal (as is) to both its coaxial and Toslink output ports. With its built-in amplification feature, It can also serve as a repeater of audio signal and extend (double) the transferring distance.

    1. Supports two-way conversion: Coaxial to Toslink or Toslink to Coaxial.
    2. Supports amplification of S/PDIF audio and extends the transferring distance, through coaxial or Toslink cables.
    3. Select one input from Coaxial or Toslink input ports, and send S/PDIF audio signal to both Coaxial and Toslink output ports simultaneously.
    4. Compact size and easy to install.
    5. Sturdy and durable.

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