HXSJ L100 2.4GHz Ultrathin Wireless Keyboard Mouse Set (Black)

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  • 1. 2.4GHz advanced wireless technology, comfortable and excellent button, let you release fatigue during operation.
    2. 8 hot keys increase your working efficiency.
    3. Punk Suspension key design, simple and beautiful, stylish appearance,Waterproof design .Suspension key design, simple and beautiful, stylish appearance.
    4. 2.4G wireless transmission technology: up to 10 meters in the range to receive wireless connections.
    5. Fashion chocolate key cap, ultra-thin plane, home business office preferred.
    6. High-precision optical engine technology, reaction sensitivity.Ergonomic design, comfortable fit.
    7. Intelligent power-saving chip, the mouse automatically sleep function
    8. Interface Connection: USB 2.0
    9. Keyboard key life:8 million times
    10. Mouse key life:3 million times
    11. Keyboard current/voltage: 6mA /3V
    12. Mouse current/voltage:12MA/1.5V
    13. Power supply: 1* AA battery (not included)
    14. Keyboard Size:30.2x15.5x3cm, mouse Size :11.8x6.4x3.7cm
    15. Keyboard:381g ,mouse:60g