IPEGA PG-R006 Computer Games Wired Headset Noise Reduction Headphones with Mic for Sony PS4 / Nintendo Switch Lite / PC / Phones(Blue)

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  • 1. This product is suitable for PS4 series, N-Switch Lite, PC, tablet, mobile phone and other 3.5mm audio interface.
    2. Ultra-thin horn diaphragm, surround sound, high sound quality design.
    3. High-sensitivity noise-reduction microphone design, the mast can be retracted, and the transmission voice is more precise, clear and smooth.
    4. With self-contained telescopic rod, it is convenient to adjust the tightness of the head and adapt to different groups of people.
    5. Soft cloth earmuffs and a single cloth sheath head pad, which is delicate to the touch and comfortable to wear.
    6. Adjust the volume dial to let the sound do whatever you want.
    7. With microphone switch function, ON / OFF.

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