Lenovo R1 Xiaoxin Portable Smart Touchpad Mini Keyboard

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  • 1. One-finger swipe to switch the touchpad to the numeric keypad mode, work, learning efficiency is greatly improved
    2. Flick the upper left corner of the touchpad and quickly bring up the calculator
    3. Flick the lower left corner of the touchpad to bring up the search bar
    4. Lightning start application, 16 application locations can be set at will, to meet the needs of daily use
    5. Space-grade mineral glass with a thickness of only 0.25mm
    6. Adopting back printing technology, while eliminating bubbles, the numbers will not wear out
    7. Dimensions: 104.7x69.7mm
    8. Product list: smart ultra-thin keyboard * 1, activation code * 1, cleaning package * 1, instructions for use * 1
    9. Suitable for Lenovo Xiaoxin Air13 2018/2019, Air14 2019, 14 2019, Pro13 2019/2020