Logitech Astro A50 Multi-function Base Station Wireless Gaming Headset Microphone, Built-in USB Sound Card

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  • 1. Born for professional gamers, with professional players and professional gamers participating in the development and design
    2. ASTRO acoustic tuning technology ASTRO Audio V2 allows you to get an excellent high-fidelity audio experience in games, live broadcasts, audio and video, and various use scenarios, and feel the real sound details
    3. DOLBY surround sound makes the game sound effects richer, clearer and more shocking, and a more natural and realistic sound field allows you to have an immersive immersive experience
    4. 2.4HZ wireless transmission, which reduces the delay of audio transmission, without worrying about the interference of other wireless devices, the wireless connection range can reach 15 meters
    5. Multi-function base console, easy charging and stable connection. While portable charging, the base controller displays the power and usage status, and provides TOSLink fiber interface and AUX interface to meet the needs of enthusiast players
    6. Approximately 15 hours of long-lasting battery life will help you enjoy the game without worrying about power. When the headset is placed on the desktop, it automatically enters sleep power saving mode, and automatically wakes up when it is picked up.
    7. The headset has built-in ASTRO MixAmp audio controller, in addition to adjusting the main volume, it can also adjust the volume level of the game background and voice separately, to achieve the balance of sound and voice in the game according to your preferences
    8. ASTRO tuning software can adjust various parameters of headphone sound and microphone, built-in multiple equalizer presets: game mode, live mode, video mode, etc., suitable for a variety of scenarios
    9. Built-in USB sound card
    10. Speaker driver unit: 40 mm
    11. Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
    12. Microphone pole: 6.0 mm, unidirectional
    13. Micro USB charging port input: 5V, 500mA
    14. Base input: 5V, 500mA
    15. Product size: 18.5x8.84x18.2cm
    16. Base size: 12.1x14.5x3.54cm

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