Logitech G Pro 16000DPI RGB Illumination Macro Programming Wired Optical Gaming Mouse, Length: 1.8m (Black)

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  • 1. HERO sensor with pixel-level tracking performance, speed can exceed 400 IPS, resolution can reach 16000 DPI, and power consumption is lower.
    2. The button tension system provides excellent response speed and click feel.
    3. Mechanical buttons have durability that can withstand about 500,000 hits.
    4. The surface is treated with a special coating to improve durability and grip.
    5. RGB can customize the backlight to respond to your music and actions in the game, the game experience is better.
    6. Configure 6 programmable buttons, stored in the onboard memory, you can carry your personalized settings with you.

    1. Size: 116.6mmx62.15mmx38.2mm.
    2. Sensor: HERO, optical.
    3. Resolution: 100-16000 DPI.
    4. IPS: 400 IPS.
    5. Reporting rate: 1000 Hz (1 ms).
    6. Weight: 86g.
    7. Number of buttons: 6.
    8. Line length: 1.8m.