Logitech G402 USB Interface 8-keys 4000DPI Five-speed Adjustable High-speed Tracking Wired Optical Gaming Mouse, Length: 2m (Black)

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  • 1. Fusion engine with a maximum tracking speed of 12.5 meters per second.
    2. 32-bit ARM high-speed processor, greatly improving the tracking speed.
    3. 1000 times/second high reporting rate.
    4. 240-4000DPI, 4 gears adjustable.
    5. 8 programmable buttons, which can be defined by yourself.
    Press and hold the G Shift button and the DPI will be adjusted to a pre-set low value to help stabilize the mouse cursor and aim at the shot.
    6. Infrared scanning of the human palm, able to withstand rapid movement.
    7. Can withstand 20 million high-speed clicks.
    8. UV curing protective coating surface, anti-slip, anti-sweat, wear-resistant.
    9. Low friction wear pad for durability.
    10. Strengthen the wire, not easy to knot, strong and durable.
    11. Compatible with a variety of systems.

    1. Size: 135mmx72mmx41mm.
    2. Sensor: Optical.
    3. Resolution: 420-4000DPI.
    4. Weight: 140g (including USB cable).
    5. Number of buttons: 8.
    6. Line length: 2m.
    7. System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista, Mac OS X 10.6.X or higher.

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