Logitech G403 6-keys 12000DPI Five-speed Adjustable Wired Optical Gaming Mouse with Counterweight, Length: 2m (Black)

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  • 1. Delta Zero adaptive optical game sensor, which can be adjusted according to the surface.
    2. The main button tension adjustment system improves the response speed.
    3. Lightweight ergonomic design with adjustable weight and long-lasting comfort.
    4. 200-12000 DPI, 5 files in the game can be adjusted in real time.
    5. 6 programmable buttons, which can be defined by yourself.
    6. Onboard memory allows you to carry mouse settings to multiple locations without the need to install software.
    7. RGB glare, use Logitech game software to synchronize the color and mode of the Logitech game products you are using.
    8. Can withstand 20 million clicks.
    9. Strengthen the wire, not easy to knot, strong and durable.

    1. Size: 124mmx68mmx43mm.
    2. Sensor: Optical.
    3. Resolution: 200-12000 DPI.
    4. Weight: 90g (mouse only) +10g (optional weight).
    5. Number of buttons: 6.
    6. Line length: 2m.