Logitech G502 HERO Wired Gaming Mouse with 11 Buttons, Length: 2.1m

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  • 1. The HERO Gaming Sensor features a new architecture that gives you precise control that you have never experienced before. With high-speed frame rate processing, HERO can achieve over 400 IPS and zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration from the entire DPI range of 100-16000. HERO achieves competitive level accuracy and outstanding stability. It is recommended to customize and adjust DPI settings using Logitech Game Software (LGS).
    2. Use Logitech game software to program common commands and macros for 11 buttons. Common skills such as construction, crouching, melee, and treatment are controlled by one hand. You can save up to 5 different profiles directly to your mouse and take your custom settings with you.
    3. Fine-tune the mouse feel and give full play to your abilities. Five 3.6-gram counterweights are included to accommodate multiple weight combinations in the front, rear, left, right, and center zones. Try inline or balance with counterweights to find a comfortable feel and optimize handling.
    4. LIGHTSYNC technology is the next generation of RGB technology that can be driven by a backlight to give you an immersive RGB experience that you have never experienced before. Choose from approximately 16.8 million color spectra and synchronize lighting animations and effects with other Logitech G devices. Quickly customize settings with Logitech game software.
    5. Detail design considerations. Such as mechanical main buttons that can withstand 50 million clicks, braided cables with hooks and straps, rubber side grips and magnetic counterweight covers.

    1. Height: 132mm.
    2. Width: 75mm.
    3. Depth: 40mm.
    4. Weight: 121g (mouse only).
    5. Optional extra weight: up to 18g (5x3.6g).
    6. Cable length: 2.10m.
    7. USB data format: 16 bits / axis.
    8. USB reporting rate: 1000 Hz/ms.
    9. Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM.
    10. Main button: 50 million clicks.

    System Requirements:
    1. Windows 7 or higher.
    2. MAC OS 10.11 or higher.
    3. Chrome OS.
    4. USB port.
    5. Internet access (optional) is required to download Logitech game software.

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