Logitech G512 RGB L-axis Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard, Length: 1.8m (Black)

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  • 1. Intelligent glare technology not only realizes the glare customization of each individual button, but also can instantly synchronize the keyboard light effect according to different scenes in the game.
    2. Intelligent RGB glare technology can synchronize the projected glare effect with the game and support many mainstream game scenes. Color stretching can also be achieved by capturing screen shots for an immersive visual impact experience.
    3. L mechanical button shaft can bring a smooth typing style straight up and down.
    4. The USB cable ensures power delivery and data transfer for the dedicated USB expansion port.
    5. 5052 aluminum alloy panel, anodized and brushed, more durable.
    6. Advanced features require the use of Logitech game software.

    1. USB port (built-in): USB 2.0.
    2. Indicator light (LED): 2.
    3. Backlight: Yes, each button has an independent RGB backlight parameter.
    4. Weight (without cable): 1130g.
    5. Size: 132x445x35.5mm.
    6. Line length: about 1.8m.
    7. Trigger distance: 15mm.
    8. Key stroke: 3.2mm.
    9. Trigger strength: 45g.
    10. Button touch: Linear.
    11. Button sound: quiet.
    12. System requirements: Windows 10, Window 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7.

    Special buttons:
    1. Backlight control: FN F5/F6/F7.
    2. Game mode: FN F8.
    3. Media Control: FN F9/F10/F11/F12.
    4. Volume control: FN PRTSC/SCRLK/PAUSE.
    5. The FN key can be programmed through the Logitech game software.

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