Logitech G633S Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo Colorful Lighting Noise Reduction Competition Gaming Wired Headset

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  • 1. The new generation of DTS7.1 surround sound provides accurate game positioning audio experience, clearly grasp every move of the enemy around, and immerse you in the excellent atmosphere of the game.
    2. DTS HeadphoneX redesigned according to the needs of players, with the newly designed head tracking and audio renderer, supports multi-channel surround sound and distance sensing, bringing accurate audio positioning experience.
    3. Pro-g50mm large-size driving unit, which can reduce distortion and design fabric mixed mesh.
    4. About 16.8 million colors of smart glare, you can choose your favorite colors, match your equipment, you can choose preset animations and effects, including lights that can respond to in-game actions, audio and screen colors, and you can program your own lighting effects through software.
    5. 6 mm noise-canceling microphone allows your playmates to hear your voice clearly and quickly mute it by folding the microphone. Always accessible and easy to use.
    6. Multi-brand support for PC and Mac, and connection to game host via 3.5 mm cable.

    The headset
    Drive unit: 50 mm
    Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
    Impedance: 39 ohms (passive), 5k ohms (active)
    Sensitivity: 93dB SPL/mW

    Microphone (rod)
    Microphone pick up mode: heart (one-way)
    Specification: 6 mm
    Frequency response: 100hz-10khz
    Connection type: USB

    Weight (g) and size (mm)
    Weight: 344g
    PC cable length: 2.8 m
    Line length of mobile device: 1.5 meters
    Size: 188 x195x87mm