Logitech H110 Dual 3.5mm Audio Plugs Stereo Headset

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  • 1. It reduces background noise and can be rotated to one side when you are not using it.
    2. This earphone is not limited to talking, stereo means you can also use it to enjoy movies, music, games.
    3.5mm plug, easy connection, also suitable for PC sound card.
    4. Adjustable headband ensures comfortable position.

    Technical specifications
    Sensitivity: -58dbv /uBar, -58dbv /Pa / -4db
    Headphones: 20Hz - 20,000Hz
    Microphone: 100hz-16,000 Hz
    Six feet of shielded wire
    3.5mm colour coded connector

    System requirements
    Windows(not Apple hardware)
    Sound card with 3.5mm microphone input and audio output ports

    Packing list
    Headphone microphone
    User documentation