Logitech K580 Dual Modes Thin and Light Multi-device Wireless Keyboard with Phone Holder (White)

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  • 1. Lightweight design, simple and stylish
    2. The compact design makes full use of the space, the full-size design of the numeric keypad can reduce arm movement
    3. Contains 15 FN shortcut keys, with high efficiency and comfort
    4. Multi-screen switching, efficient office, you can connect mobile phones and tablets, you can switch input between two devices at the same time
    5. The keyboard comes with a mobile phone card slot, making multitasking more intuitive and convenient
    6. Dual-mode connection, stable and reliable, can be connected via Bluetooth/2.4GHz and USB wireless receiver, stable and reliable wireless connection within 10 meters
    7. Receiver: Available USB port, supports Windows 10 or higher, Windows 8, Windows 7 compatible with Surface
    8. Battery type: 2 AAA batteries (excluding batteries)
    9. Battery life: 24 months
    10. Dimensions: 37.4x14.4x2.1cm
    11. Weight: about 558g