Logitech M105 USB Interface 3-keys 1000DPI Symmetric Design Wired Optical Mouse, Length: 1.5m (Blue)

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  • Feature:
    1. USB interface, plug and play.
    2. 1000DPI optical engine.
    3. Symmetrical design, common to both right and left hands.
    4. Two-way roller, made of all rubber material, with good scale and service life.
    5. The side skirt and bottom of the mouse are made of frosted plastic material, the surface friction resistance is moderate, and it has good anti-slip and anti-slip ability.
    6. For computers based on Windows operating systems.

    1. Working mode: photoelectric.
    2. Power mode: USB power supply.
    3. Weight: about 110.5g.
    4. System requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Mac computer. Mac OSX V10.5 or higher. Linux, Linux Kernel 2.6 or above.

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