Logitech M186 Wireless Mouse Office Power Saving USB Laptop Desktop Computer Universal (Black Red)

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  • 1. Streamlined, ergonomic, left-right symmetrical design, conforms to the shape of the finger groove, perfectly fits the curve of your hand, is round and comfortable to the touch.
    2. Wireless connection, no need to install software, working range up to 25 meters, plug the receiver into the computer and enjoy the remote control experience
    3. The mini receiver can be left on the computer without frequent plugging and unplugging.
    4. If you need to remove the receiver, there is a receiver storage slot in the mouse, so you do not have to worry about the receiver being too small to find the problem.
    5. Laser-level tracking 1000DPI, more accurate tracking.
    6. Long battery life of 1 year, eliminating the trouble of frequent battery replacement.
    7. Intelligent battery management system, low battery indicator eliminates the possibility of accidental power failure. The On / Off switch saves even more power, and the smart sleep mode extends battery life.
    8. Compact design, easy to carry, can be easily packed into the bag whether at home, work or travel.

    Product parameters
    1. Interface: USB.
    2. Number of keys: 4.
    3. Ergonomics: Yes.
    4. Transmission method: wireless.
    5. Working mode: photoelectric.
    6. Battery type: 1 AA battery (not included).
    7. Weight: 75.2g.
    8. Size: 99x60x39mm.
    9. Adopt the design concept of no light at the bottom, no light display.
    10. Switch: Yes.
    11. Storage bin: Yes.

    Packing list:
    Mouse x 1
    Wireless receiver x 1

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    Qty per Carton 192lb
    Carton Weight 19.4kgs / 42.77lb
    Carton Size 42cm * 44cm * 46cm / 16.54inch * 17.32inch * 18.11inch
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