Logitech M336 1000DPI Bluetooth 3.0 Symmetrical Design Wireless Bluetooth Optical Mouse (Black)

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  • 1. Bluetooth 3.0, you can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled Windows, Chrome, Mac or Android, Windows tablet without a receiver.
    2. Photoelectric tracking sensor with accurate positioning (not applicable to glass or mirror).
    3. Extra buttons provide advanced navigation, gestures, and customization.
    4. Curved shape, rubber grip, allowing you to maintain a comfortable feel for a long time.
    5. Small and portable, it can be put into a backpack or pocket.

    1. Dimensions: 100.5mm high, 61.1mm wide and 33mm thick.
    2. Weight: 82g.
    3. Applicable system: Windows 7/8/10 or higher. Mac OS X 10.8 or higher. Chrome OS. Android 3.2 or higher.