Mini SAS SFF-8643 Host to 7-Pin 4 SATA Target Hard Disk 6Gbps Data Server Raid Cable, Length: 1m

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  • 1. HD Mini-SAS cable configurations.
    2. The high density (HD) system referenced as HD Mini-SAS (SFF-8643) in the SAS 2.1 standard, meets the 6Gb/s SAS specification.
    3. These new HD Connectors will be used on the SAS 3.0 specification when it is released.
    4. Cable material may change but the connectors will be the next generation of SAS to run at 12Gb/s.
    5. Internal HD Mini-SAS copper cables.
    6. Internal Mini SAS SFF-8643 to to 4 SATA 7-pin hard disk data cable.
    7. This SAS cable by Delock enables you to connect up to 4 SATA drives to a Mini SAS HD SFF-8643 controller.

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