MIXZA 64GB High Speed Class10 Black TF(Micro SD) Memory Card

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  • 1. 6M/s, high speed transmission experience.
    2. Metal chip and flash memory particles, fast reading and writing speed.
    3. Waterproof, anti-magnetic, anti-high temperature, anti-X-ray.
    4. Strong compatibility, not only for mobile phones, tablets, driving recorders and other devices with Micro SD card slot.

    1. Size: 15x11x1mm.
    2. Weight: about 0.5g.
    3. Working voltage: 2.7-3.6V.
    4. Storage temperature: -40-85 degrees Celsius.
    5. Working temperature: -25-85 degrees Celsius.

    When using the driving recorder, it is necessary to confirm whether the driving recorder supports the type of TF (Mirco SD).