MONTIAN Colorful LED Light Thickening Lock Keyboard Pad Game Mouse Pad, Size: 300 x 250 x 4mm

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  • 1. 8 kinds of light modes, switch at will.
    2. Fine textured fabric surface, soft, comfortable and less resistant. Printed in a full-color thermal transfer process, the color is not faded.
    3. The bottom of the non-slip rubber is used to strongly absorb the table top and is not easy to slide.
    4. The design height of the wristband is designed in combination with the position of the wrist pressing action to keep the wrist comfortable.
    5. Larger area, enough to use for competitive games and work, enhance the gaming experience.

    Product manual:
    1. Turn on the key control illumination mode. The default is red light. Each press will switch to the next illumination mode.
    2. Red, green, blue, purple, cyan, yellow, white, automatically switch in the above color order.
    3. The magic color flashes quickly.
    4. Symphony flashes slowly.
    5. Turn off the backlight and press and hold for 3 seconds with memory off.

    1. Weight: about 310g.
    2. Product size: 300x250x4mm.
    3. Product interface: USB interface
    4. Product wire: 1.2 m black braided data cable.
    5. Power: about 0.75W.
    6. Power: 5V.
    7. 8 lighting modes.
    8. The LED switch is on the left side of the product.