MONTIAN MF-01 Oval Slow Rebound Memory Cotton Soft Bracer Mouse Pad(Red)

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  • 1. Soft memory foam for a comfortable feel.
    2. Non-slip silicone bottom, strong adsorption on the table, not easy to slide.
    3. Lycra fabric, good ventilation, easy to clean, no odor.
    4. The combination of color and fiber, the color is better, the thermal transfer technology, the color is bright and durable and does not fade.
    5. The design height of the wristband is designed in combination with the position of the wrist pressing action to keep the wrist comfortable.
    6. The area used is sufficient for regular games and work.
    7. Direct washing, cleaning is simpler and more convenient.

    1. Size: about 245mmx195mmx23mm.
    2. Material: Lycra, memory cotton (brace), good performance cloth.
    3. Weight: about 300g.