MZ-011 2.4GHz 1600DPI Wireless Rechargeable Optical Mouse with HUB Function(Black Silver)

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  • 1. Effective distance 10m.
    2. Requires 2 7-cell alkaline batteries or 2 7-cell rechargeable batteries (not included).
    3. USB docking station, plug and play. 3 HUB ports. 1 fast charge port, data exchange and charging are combined into one.
    4. On the side, there are forward and backward shortcut keys to browse the web and resource management.
    5. The left and right hands are symmetrical design, so that the left and right hands can be easily controlled.
    6. Automatically adjust the power saving function.
    7. Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz.
    8. Rated voltage: 3.0V.
    9. Positioning Engine: Photoelectric.
    10. Maximum acceleration: 14 inches / sec.
    11. DPI: 800DPI-1600DPI.
    12. Size: 103x68x35mm.
    13. Base: 85x65x48mm.
    14. Product weight: 121g.