NK-Q7 Tendak Optical SPDIF Toslink to Coaxial / Coaxial to Optical SPDIF Toslink Bi-directional Swtich Digital 2-Way Audio Converter

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  • 1. Optical to coaxial Bi-directional audio converter: switch to select either OPTICAL TOSLINK or COAX input and convert the signal (as is) to both its COAXIAL and OPTICAL TOSLINK output ports
    2. Audio format, audio input & output support audio format: LPCM2.0/ DTS/ DOLBY-AC3. And the highest support 192KHz sampling rate. Noise-free transmission, high definition audio output for your amplifier and speaker
    3. Easy to setup, plug and play, no need any software and drive. It is able to power this optical to Coax converter from phone adapter and a USB jack on the TV or nearby USB port device
    4. Long distance, use optical fiber cable loss less the 0.2Db/m, output distance is up to 30 meters(98 Feet), use the standard coaxial cable output can be up to 10 meters (32 Feet)
    5. Wide applicability, compatible with Blu-ray player, satellite receiver, BR player, Xbox 360, HDTV, DVD, amplifier, sound bar, speaker and all device with digital audio out port