ORICO DC15P-PX3 SATA Standard 15 Pin 3 in 1 DIY Chassis Power Cord HDD Cables for Multiple Hard Drives

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  • 1. Connects any Serial SATA drive to standard internal power connector, SATA standard 15 PIN cable of multiple ports.
    2. More power for multiple hard drives, expand multiple SATA 15 Pin power supply interface for HDD or CD-ROM.
    3. Thin and flexible cabling allows easy routing.
    4. Strong power supply for sufficient and stable power.
    5. Just enough to connect HDD: The distance of each power supply interface is 6cm witch is just enough to connect to your computer case HDD, with no needless cable length.
    6. High quality cable: 18AWG cable core, Galvanized copper cable, PVC eco-friendly shell.

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