ORICO MH4U-30 USB 3.0 Transparent Desktop HUB with 30cm Micro USB Cable

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  • 1. USB 3.0 high speed interface.
    2. Transparent design, high performance chip, visible beauty of science and technology.
    3. Reserved external power supply, offline power supply.
    4. Dual-port power supply, easy to load large power disk, 4 port charging simultaneously, the maximum output of every port can reach 5V 0.9A.
    5. Convenient, vertical socket design, makes extension more easier.
    6. Powered by VL817 intelligent chip, the visible intrinsic power, charging and transfer, stable and intelligent.
    7. 4 port USB 3.0 interface, 5Gbps speed, multi-pronged data and power transmission, give you an efficient working experience.