ORICO W9PH4-U3-V1 4 USB 3.0 Ports Faceup Design HUB with Individual Power Switches and LEDs

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  • 1. Equipped with 4 independent switches to avoid repeated insertion and removal, reduce the burden on the computer, increase stability, more convenient, safe and environmentally friendly.
    2. Four USB ports are arranged side by side in parallel, allowing you to insert USB devices more freely in the view, preventing interference from different devices, supplementing the insufficient USB 3.0 ports, and protecting valuable original ports.
    3. The USB3.0 port with a transfer rate of up to 5 Gbps can read multiple memory cards or USB flash drives, and simultaneously synchronize files or data for multiple disks, without drivers, plug and play, saving a lot of time.
    4. Built-in VIA812 makes broadband distribution and power management better. USB PHY technology can maintain fast transmission of 5 Gbps under different topological channels without interference between interfaces.
    5. Compatible with major systems such as Windows / Mac OS / Linux / Android 4.2, also suitable for mobile phones, tablets, hard drives, USB flash drives, mice, keyboards, wireless adapters and other USB devices.

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