Original Xiaomi NDZ-18-AI 40mm Speaker Unit K Song Wired Headphone with Microphone & Ear Return, Support One Button Beautify Sound / Voice Change & Original Sound Elimination(White)

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  • 1. Built-in reverb is very powerful, three-speed reverberation one-button switching, light reverberation, medium reverberation, large reverberation, no chaos cycle switching, different reverberations meet different K song needs.
    2. Otaru landscaping sounds and wearing your own million tuner.
    3. The six sound modes of the original sound, female voice, male student, child voice, electric sound, and robot can be switched at will.
    4. The original vocal can be eliminated by the original tone switch button on the headset.
    5. HD recording, dry, wet, and mix loops.
    6. 99mm high sensitivity condenser microphone, high signal to noise ratio, clear and unambiguous radio, record every detail of the sound. The cardioid pointing microphone can effectively isolate excess ambient noise and has a good echo cancellation effect.
    7. 40mm moving ring horn, using PU+PET composite diaphragm, low frequency has strength, deep dive, high frequency clear and transparent, rich in details. At the same time, the magnet of the horn is NdFeB, and the magnetic force is 10 times stronger than that of the ordinary magnet, which provides long-lasting and powerful power for the horn.
    8. Cirrus logic three-core audio processing DSP, making the sound play more full and more layered. Make the sound collection more dynamic and richer in detail.
    9. As far back as 6ms, listen to your voice and adjust at any time to make the song more pleasant.

    1. Speaker impedance: 32 ohms.
    2. Connection length: 1.2m.
    3. Input parameters: 5V 1A.
    4. Charging port: Micro USB.
    5. Charging time: 2 hours.
    6. Net weight of the product: 230g.

    Packing list:
    Xiaomi wired headset (K song version) x 1
    Instruction manual x 1

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