Portable 4 in 1 USB-C / Type-C to 3 Ports USB 2.0 OTG HUB Cable with Micro USB Power Supply

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  • 1. Brand new and high quality
    2. Lightweight and durable
    3. USB interface can connect U disk, mouse, keyboard, game pads, printers and other USB devices at the same time. When the switch is in the charge to achieve to charge the phone function by an external power supply. When the switch is in the OTG, the phone can read external USB device
    4. Support music, as the phone, 4C millet and other equipment to achieve OTG mode, simultaneously charging. Switch must fight to the states of charge
    5. Type-c compatible with LG 5X, Google 5X / 6P, Letv 1S, Le 1 Pro, Xiaomi 4C, Microsoft Lumia 950 / 950X, Nokia N1, Letv Le 1, Letv Le Max, Chromebook Pixel 2015, MacBook 12 inch, ZUK Z1, OnePlus Two, Nubia N1, ZUK Z1, OnePlus Two, Meizu PRO5, Gionee S6, etc.

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