PULUZ 11 in 1 Memory Card Case for 3SIM + 2XQD + 2CF + 2TF + 2SD Card

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  • 1. Compact and lightweight design, convenient to carry.
    2. Adopt environmental protection ABS material without any odor.
    3. It is a tough, water-resistant polycarbonate case made to carry and store memory cards.
    4. Convex design on the case makes card media case more ergonomic and more comfortable.
    5. The case adopts a compact design, the two compartments both allow you store 3SIM + 2XQD + 2CF + 2TF + 2SD CARD.
    6. The blue water-resistant TPV material seal keeps unwanted debris and water from entering the case.
    7. Note: The cards are not included.